Friday, September 15, 2006


Shipping info

Shipping Panama Colombia

Seaboard Marine (via Espana across from the ray super market)
12 floor (white building) I had no problems all went quite smooth
they have English speaking staff as well (507 2109600)
the cost budget $1000 us type of shipping brake load
and the office in Colombia was very helpful on where and what
to do to get the car out of customs

Amozon Barge shipping

shipping from Belem or Manous is not that easy and after some advice from
from other overland people this way is the easest
from Manous , aboout 10 km before Manous there is some truck stops and
there you will find some day labours ( may need to check more that one)
these guys know where the barge companys are and can take you there
as they are scattered up and down the river
Other way is to go the the passanger boat terminal and ask around there
these guys also know where the barge companys are , here the price was
higher I think becaus they normaly sell passanger tickets and are looking
to make a quick bucks
it seams from what I heard and what I payed it is around $500 to $550
up or down the river some companys will also accept credit cards

Company not to Use
Barwil Agencies, S.A.
Wallenius Wilhelmsen
they will rip-you off
will post details soon

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